Submissive or Dominant, What Should Be the Personality of Your Golden Retriever Puppy?

Personality is the second concern while picking a golden retriever puppy for sale, health being the first. Golden retriever puppies are lovely and cute. Not all, but some people forget about other things when they touch and cuddle the puppy. There should be a lot of questions surfaced in your mind while buying a retriever puppy. Should it be a male or female? Should it have a submissive personality?  Should it be dominating in nature? Should it be a shy or confident puppy? Any prior experience with dogs is really helpful while picking a puppy. And, the decision of buying a puppy should be taken with your lifestyle in mind.

Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale with Submissive Personality  

Families having no prior experience of buying puppies should buy retriever puppies having a submissive personality. Families having young children should also pick a submissive puppy. Retrievers are very friendly in nature. However, young kids often pull ears or tails of dogs. A submissive puppy or dog does not bite kids who are pulling their tails or ears.

golden retriever puppies for sale

Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale with Dominating Personality

A golden retriever puppy with a dominating personality is ideal for a family that is always on the go. Or, families that love to enjoy new activities and adventures should also look for a dominant golden retriever puppy for sale. A dominating puppy or dog can easily adjust in the environment you are living in.

Finding Out Whether the Puppy Is Submissive or Dominant    

It is not difficult. And, you need not rely on the breeder for this. You can easily do this on your own. Here is how:

Lay the puppy with back on the ground. You can do this into your arms also just as you cradle a baby. A submissive puppy stays calm. A dominant puppy on the other hand quickly tries to wiggle away.

Now set your palm on the chest of the puppy lying on the back. The submissive puppy will once again stay calm and the dominant puppy will once again wiggle away.

If the puppy is 6 to 7 weeks old, hold it by the scruff of the neck for a few seconds. The dominant puppy will start screaming and the submissive dog will once again remain calm.

Finally, you can ask the breeder to confirm that the dominant puppy you have picked is really a dominant one.

These days, you can find golden retriever puppies for sale online. You should make sure that you are buying from an authorized breeder.


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