Know Some Important Characteristics of a Golden Retriever

Golden retriever dogs are very sweet, socialized and intelligent dogs. Every dog breed has some different characteristics and Golden Retrievers are no exception. Golden Retrievers are by far the best dog breed considered as pets. Golden Retrievers got their name as such because they were bred and trained to retrieve the shot games intact. Their fur coat is mostly creamy golden to dark golden and thus the name, golden retriever. They are huge dogs with average length ranging from 55-61 cms. They originated from Scotland and now are the most demanded ones because of their unique personality. Golden retriever puppies for sale are available in Canada, America, and UK.

They are most loved and desired because of their characteristics that differentiates them from the other dog breeds. They are well behaved, obedient and socialized, that makes them the first choice to be considered as pets. They are easy to train and are fast learners. They are sensitive and emotional, and so love to be around people. Golden retrievers have a fetish for water and thus, spend many hours bathing and playing in water. The dogs of this breed should be essentially taken out for outdoor activities or exercises. This makes them refreshed and full of energy, which otherwise may result in lethargy.

golden retriever puppies for sale

Apart from being loyal and friendly, the golden retrievers are obedient and fast learners. It is because of their obedient and fast learning nature, that they are used for very important tasks like bomb or explosives sniffing at places, being the guide dog for the blind/deaf or water rescue. So, be the guide dog, sniffer dog, rescue dog or your pet dog; Golden Retrievers are the most happy and reliable breed to take home.

The vibrant and cheerful golden retriever at home fills you with joy and fulfillment. It safeguards its care takers and loves them back. Golden Retrievers love to play with children and one cannot stop oneself from loving it back. Take a golden retriever puppy home today!


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