Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Periodontal Disease in Golden Retriever Puppies

When the mouth is unhealthy, the stomach is likely to be unhealthy. If your retriever is refusing to eat or he is finding it hard to chew then you should inspect his teeth. Is there any inflammation in deep supporting structure of the teeth? If yes then your puppy is suffering from periodontal disease. This disease starts with other disease known as gingivitis.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Ohio


This happens due to the accumulation of bacteria and food particles along the gumline. This results in the formation of plaque. This plaque combines with minerals and saliva which results in the formation of calculus. This leads to irritation and inflammation. This condition is called gingivitis. Redness of gumline just near the teeth is a symptom of gingivitis. This condition further causes periodontal disease. The growth of calculus separates the gum from teeth creating spaces under teeth. Bacterial growth under teeth leads to pus formation, tissue destruction and bone loss. Apart from dogs, cats are affected by this disease.


When you buy golden retriever puppies in Ohio, you should look into their mouths to look for the symptoms of periodontal disease. If there is inflammation in one tooth and you leave it untreated, it goes to the next stage. There are 4 stages of this condition:

Stage 1: Periodontal disease is developed in a few teeth but there is no separation between teeth and gum.

Stage 2: 25% of the gum-teeth attachment is lost at this stage.

Stage 3: Separation in this stage is 25 to 30%.

Stage 4: This is the advanced stage of periodontal disease as more than 50% of the attachment is lost. Roots of teeth are exposed in this stage.

Whenever you look for Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Ohio, you should make sure that there is no separation between gum and teeth.


Golden retriever puppies have to go through several procedures for the diagnosis. The veterinary physician carefully examines the mouth to look gingivitis affected tooth and gum. If there is a 2 mm distance between affected tooth and gum, your golden retriever puppy is suffering from periodontal disease. However, 60% the symptoms of the disease are hidden beneath the gum. Therefore, x-rays are required for the complete diagnosis of the condition. It reveals up to what level the sharpness and density of the root socket are affected.


First of all, when you find golden retriever puppies for sale in Ohio, do not buy a pet suffering from this disease. When it comes to the treatment, it depends on the stage of the condition. The focus is on controlling plaque and preventing separation of gums from teeth. Regular brushing using animal safe toothpaste, polishing, professional cleaning and application of fluoride are important for controlling plaque. Stage 2 and 3 are treated by cleaning spaces between teeth and gums. The antibiotic gel is also used for rejuvenating periodontal tissues and filling space. Bone replacement and guided tissue regeneration are required for treating advanced stages.

Breeders providing golden retriever puppies for sale in Ohio usually sell healthy pets. Still, it is better to examine the mouth of the golden retriever puppies before adopting.


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